Services-Living In Colour

Services-Living In Colour


Personal Coaching - Self Development

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Personal Break Through

A personal breakthrough session is a tailor-made, supercharged, intense coaching session designed for you. A quick way to achieve the important and meaningful changes in yourself and your personal development that you have desired for too long now. 
Roughly 8 hours.


Dynamic Coaching 

If you are just looking to find your inner guidance regarding decisions, the dynamic coaching session is for you. A coach can never tell you what to do, but through asking the right questions, a coach can open up your mind to a different perspective.
1 hour sessions.

Transformation Coaching
Wanting to get rid of bad habits, change a negative pattern, rid yourself of limiting beliefs. Once identified, steady progress can be made by using the best tools for the job. Sessional coaching allows you to focus on what you want out of each session.
1 hour sessions.

Hypnosis For Change
Fancy stopping smoking, changing a habit or just releasing pent up stress? Hypnosis is a safe and effective way of comminicating with your subconscious mind, making change easier.


Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing modality, whereby a person's energy is balanced and chakras opened allowing healing to take place in the body, spirit and mind. A gentle and relaxing journey.


TimeLine Techniques

TimeLine Techniques are very effective techniques used to release negative emotions and PTSD. It is non invasive and gentle, allowing you to let go of the negative emotions quickly and easily.